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At totalsportek we have the most in-depth sports articles of all the odd topics about major sports and their competitions. Some topics which are usually not covered in main-stream media like the financial aspect of sports, how competition generate money and how it is distributed among the athletes and other stake holders.

How sports became the biggest entertainment industry both in the terms of financial success and also off the field with so much more following around the world then any other media entertainment like TV or Film.

Over the last few decades money has poured into sports at the rate which was unheard of. You know Premier League and NFL are the most lucrative sports league’s in the world ?. How Wimbledon prize money rose from a mere $10 million to a total of $50 million in just over 15 years.

Floyd Mayweather made record $200 million from just one fight against Manny Pacquiao who himself cleared $100 million ? how did we reach at this point ? How champions League became the most lucrative cup competition in the world and that too when its played every year ?

So we answer questions like that a more. Do national team players get paid for representing national teams ? How much would it cost to host a Formula 1 or MotoGP Grand Prix ?